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'My Pal'

Annie, Parley Whittaker and Jennie Heap

Arden Heap

Barbara Ward Heap

Bill & Charlotte Jordan

BNS Class 1912 - Leroy Heap

Charles Harborn Heap

Charles Harborn Heap (possible)

Charlotte Heap Jordan, Carol Jordan

Children of George Heap

Children of Lellon and Lillian Heap

Class of 1912 - Leroy Heap

Dan Heap

Dan Heap (1)

Dan Heap (2)

David Savage (2nd Husband of Mary Ward Heap)

Edward Ward (Brother to Mary Ward Heap)

Elizabeth, James and Belle Heap

Garth & Theora Heap

Garth Heap

George & Louisa Heap Family, Brothers of George Heap

George Heap

George Heap Children

Grass Valley 1892

Heap and Houston Families

Heap Boys

Heap Family

Heap Reunion

Heap Women



James Heap Children

James LeRoy Heap

Jennie Heap

Jennie Heap (1)

JoAnne Heap Sawyer's Family

John Henry Heap

Jordan Children

Lellon & Lillian Heap

LeRoy Heap

LeRoy, Charlotte,

Leroy, Rowena, Dan, and Eloise Heap

LeRoy, Vernon, and Lellon Heap

Lillian Lowe Heap

Louisa Hollingshead Heap (colorized)

Mary Elizabeth Heap

Mary Ellen Heap

Mary Ward Heap Savage

Max & Evelyn Heap Family

Max Heap

Max Heap (1)

Mehetable Thornton Hollingshead

Nelson Stoyell Hollingshead

Parley Whittaker Heap


Rowena & LeRoy Heap Family

Rowena Perkins Heap

Rowena, LeRoy, Dan, Eloise

Rowena, LeRoy, Max's Children, Jackie Heap

Rowene Heap

Sarah Rowena Perkins and James LeRoy Heap


Vernon and Hettie Heap

Vernon, Rula Houston, Rowena Heap

William & Barbara Heap Tribute

William and Barbara Heap

William Heap

William Heap III