Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Twenty-Third Generation


4211056. John "Lackland" PLANTAGENET was born 24 Dec 1167 in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. He died 19 Oct 1216 in Newark Castle, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England and was buried in Worcester Cathedral, Worcestershire, England. John married Isabella de TAILLEFER on 24 Aug 1200 in Bordeaux, France.

Name Suffix: King of England
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ4-1K
King John was the youngest son of Henry II. He  ruled England from 1199 to 1216 (during the time of Robin Hood!). Under the English custom of primogenitor (whereby the oldest son inherits the entire estate and the titles of his father), the younger son John was left with no land inheritance, giving him his first nicknameof "Lackland."

However, during his reign, King John earned another even less desirable nickname: "Softsword." This referred to his lack of control over his subjects and came about after he ran away from a fight for power which he hadinstigated with the King of France.  In 1216 when faced by the invasion of a French army he refused to fight them on the coast as, we are told, his history books well reminded him of the fate of a previous king in 1066 who did just that! John's refusal to risk all on one decisive battle led to the long civil war of 1216-8. He was looked upon with disdain and was the laughing-stock of all England.

Rebellious subjects, led by the Barons who had been heavily taxed without any representation in the government, captured London in 1215. King John could see that he was hopelessly defeated and in a real jam. Rather than fightingon, he reluctantly agreed to sign the Magna Carta (Latin for "Great Charter"), drafted by his enemies. This was not just a peace treaty, but one of the most important documents in the history of basic human rights - guaranteeing all English subjects due process under the law. This was a big improvement over the way things had been under earlier kings, where many subjects were considered no more than the property of the Crown, disposable at the whim of any noble.

Between 1200 and 1204 he fought increasingly losing campaigns to hold onto his Continental possessions. In England he was responsible for refining the government and was instrumental in the spread of literacy. King John, despite his bad reputation, was possibly one of the most learned of all the English kings. He was a keen historian and lawgiver who enjoyed nothing more than to stand in judgement on his peoples.

This keen sense of involvement in the running of the kingdom no doubt helped antagonise his baronage, who quite rightly thought that their many privileges were under threat. Magna Carta was the work of an admittedly unwilling King Johnand his impressive legal advisors, not the rag tag army of discontented baronswho faced him at Runnymede.He died of dysentery at Newark in October 1216 after the infamous loss of the crown jewels when his baggage train overturned in the Wellestream.

4211057. Isabella de TAILLEFER was born about 1185 in Angoulême, Charente, France. She died 31 May 1245/1246 in Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France and was buried in Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France.

Name Suffix: Queen of England
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ5-XC


4211058. Raymond BERENGER was born 1195/1198 in Aix-en-Provence, Provence, France. He died 19 Aug 1245 in France. Raymond married Beatrice UNKNOWN on Dec 1220 in Chambery, Savoie, France.

Name Suffix: V Count of Provence
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ8-D1

4211059. Beatrice UNKNOWN was born about 1201 in Chambery, Savoie, France. She died Dec 1266 in France.

Name Suffix: Countess of Savoy
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ8-F6


4211060. Louis IX UNKNOWN was born 25 Apr 1214 in Poissy, Chateau Ofpoissy, Yvelines, France. He died 25 Aug 1270 in Near Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia, Tunisia and was buried in Saint Denis, Saint Denis, Seinesaintdenis, France. Louis married Marguerite de PROVENCE on 27 May 1234.

Name Suffix: King of France
Ancestral File Number: 8XJD-KF
Louis IX (St. Louis), age 36 in 1250; king of France from 1226-1270 and one of France's greatest monarchs, called the perfect knight--chivalrous, just and courageous.  His long reign, a time of peace and propsperity, saw the completion of the great Gothic cathedrals at Chartres, Rheims, and Paris.  He died of the plague in Tunis.

4211061. Marguerite de PROVENCE was born 1221 in St Maime B., Forcalquier, Bourgogne. She died 21 Dec 1295 in Paris, Isle de France, France and was buried in Saint Denis, Isle de France, France. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Queen of France
Ancestral File Number: 8XJF-0M


7340032. Jenken ap RIECE was born about 1301 in Werndu, Monmouthshire, Wales. He married Gwenlian Verch ARON about 1326 in Werndu, Monmouthshire, Wales. [Parents]

7340033. Gwenlian Verch ARON was born about 1305 in Werndu, Monmouthshire, Wales. [Parents]


7340034. Howel 'Vacham' ap HOWEL was born about 1314 in Cefinyddwglwy, Monmouthshire, Wales. He married Alice verch LLEWELYN. [Parents]

7340035. Alice verch LLEWELYN was born 1324. [Parents]


7340036. Rhun ap DAFYDD. [Parents]


7340040. Roger VAUGHN was born about 1290 in Lechyd, England. He married Joice WALDEBOEFF.

7340041. Joice WALDEBOEFF was born about 1300. [Parents]


7340042. Walter De BREDWARDINE was born about 1282 in Bredwarden, Herefordshire, England. [Parents]


7340044. Walter DEVEREUX was born BET 1261 AND 1270 in Lenhales, Herefordshire, England. He died in England. Walter married Margaret De BRAOSE about 1281 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. [Parents]

7340045. Margaret De BRAOSE was born about 1262 in Pipton, Breconshire, Ireland. She died before 12 May 1335. [Parents]


7340046. John BARRE was born about 1274 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England.


7340048. Walter HUNTLEY.


7340064. Henry De KEMMEYS was born about 1280 in Wales. He married Janet verch LLEWELYN. [Parents]

7340065. Janet verch LLEWELYN was born about 1280. [Parents]


7340066. Rhun ap SYSTSYLT Lord de Upper Gwent was born about 1280. [Parents]


7340072. Rhys ap MORGAN married Nest verch CYNWRIG. [Parents]

7340073. Nest verch CYNWRIG. [Parents]


7340074. Ieuan ap EINION was born 1272 in Bryscedwyn, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Tangwystl verch IEUAN. [Parents]

7340075. Tangwystl verch IEUAN was born 1274 in Carnwyllian, Carmarthenshire, Wales. [Parents]


7340076. Rhys ap GRONWY was born 1270. He married Joan verch LLEWELYN. [Parents]

7340077. Joan verch LLEWELYN. [Parents]


7340078. Hywel ap GRUFFUDD was born 1265. He married Anne GRANT. [Parents]

7340079. Anne GRANT was born 1280 in Llwyn-y-Grant, Glamorganshire, Wales. [Parents]


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