Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Twenty-Second Generation


2105472. Alexander STEWART was born 1214 in Dundonald, Scotland. He died 1283. Alexander married Jean MACRORY. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Fourth High Steward of Scotland
Ancestral File Number:H126-34

2105473. Jean MACRORY was born about 1218 in Bute, Scotland. [Parents]

Name Suffix: of Bute
Ancestral File Number: H129-8D


2105474. Patrick DUNBAR married Christina BRUCE.

Name Suffix: Earl of Dunbar And March

2105475. Christina BRUCE. [Parents]


2105476. Robert de BRUS is printed as #2100062.

2105477. Marguerite de CARRICK was born about 1252 in Carrick, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland. She died before 27 Oct 1292 in Scotland. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Countess of Carrick


2105478. Donald MACGYLOCHE married Helen UNKNOWN after 1266. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Sixth Earl of Mar

2105479. Helen UNKNOWN died after Feb 1295.

Name Suffix: of Wales


2105504. Edward "Longshanks" PLANTAGENET is printed as #1052764.

2105505. Eleanor of CASTILE was born about 1244 in Castile, Spain. She died 24 Nov 1290 in Herdeby, Near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England and was buried 16 Dec 1290 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Countess of Ponthieu
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ8-HJ
Eleanor was only about ten years old when married to the 15 year old Edward of Westminster at Las Huelgas in 1254. Such child marriages were commonplace in Europe in the Middle Ages and the brides were usually consigned to their husbands'families to complete ther education. The marriages were not consummated until the bride reached a suitable age (usually 14 or 15) and in Eleanor's case it seems to have been 18 or 19.


2105506. Philip IV The Fair UNKNOWN was born 1268 in Fontainebleau, France. He died 29 Nov 1314 in Fontainebleau, France and was buried in St. Denis, France. Philip married Joan of Navarre UNKNOWN on 1284. [Parents]

Name Suffix: King of France

2105507. Joan of Navarre UNKNOWN was born 1271. She died 1305.


2105528. Henry PLANTAGENET was born 10 Oct 1207 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. He died 16 Nov 1272 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England and was buried 20 Nov 1272 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England. Henry married Eleonore Countess of PROVENCE on 4 Jan 1236 in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England. [Parents]

Name Suffix: III King of England
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ5-ZJ
Henry III came to the throne aged only 7 years old and immediately was placed under the tutelage of what should be recognized as a regency led by the old warrior, William Marshall. The first years of his reign saw the country brought back to his fealty until by 1220 most of the land and even Wales was peaceful. The death of the old Earl Marshall did not materially change the set up of Henry's government, and always a weak man he tended to appoint 'strong men' to run the country. Henry's inability to rule as his barons thought fit brought about sporadic rebellions against his ministers of which the outbreak of 1233-34 was one of the worst.

Towards the end of the 1250's this discontent was focused in the Marches of Wales where the Marchers had been having a hard time from the attentions of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. In 1258 at the Mad Parliament of Oxford, the barons led by the earls of Gloucester and Leicester commenced the reformation of the government which effectively shackled the absolute monarchy of Henry III and his predecessors with a more or less democratically elected council. This newdesign worked sporadically until 1263 when Henry, aided by barons who no longer wanted the burden of running the country thrust upon them, helped Henry 'regain his independence'.

Unfortunately this led to a bloody civil war known as the Barons' War which lasted until 1266 by which time Henry III had been effectively superseded in the running of the country by his eldest son and heir, the Lord Edward. Henry, wounded at the battle of Evesham on 4 August 1265, contentedly allowed Edward to install a regency government when he left the country in 1270 on crusade. Henry passed away peacefully in November 1272, leaving the government of the kingdom in the hands of the regency council until the return of Edward two years later.

2105529. Eleonore Countess of PROVENCE was born about 1217 in Aix-en-Provence, Provence, France. She died 24 Jun 1291 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England and was buried 11 Sep 1291 in Monastery, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Queen of England
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ8-3G


2105530. Philip III "The Bold" UNKNOWN was born 1 May 1245 in Poissyfrance. He died 5 Oct 1285 in Perpignan and was buried in St. Denis, France. Philip married Mary of Brabant UNKNOWN on 1274. [Parents]

Name Suffix: King of France

2105531. Mary of Brabant UNKNOWN died 1321.


3670016. Guillem (William ap Herbert) ap JENKEN was born about 1327 in Werndu, Monmouthshire, Wales. He died about 1377 in Perth Hit, Monmouthshire, Wales. Guillem married Gwenlian Verch HOWEL about 1360 in Cefinyddwglwy, Monmouthshire, Wales. [Parents]

3670017. Gwenlian Verch HOWEL was born about 1340 in Cefinyddwglwy, Monmouthshire, Wales. [Parents]


3670018. Hywel ap RHUN. [Parents]


3670020. Walter VAUGHN was born about 1320 in England. He married Florence BREDWARDINE. [Parents]

3670021. Florence BREDWARDINE was born about 1320 in England. [Parents]


3670022. William DEVEREUX was born about 1300 in White Church, Herefordshire, England. He died about 1376. William married Anne (Margaret) BARRE about 1325 in Hereford, England. [Parents]

3670023. Anne (Margaret) BARRE was born about 1300 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. [Parents]


3670024. Thomas HUNTLEY married Margaret De ABENHALL. [Parents]

3670025. Margaret De ABENHALL.


3670026. William WALLIS.


3670032. John De KEMMEYS was born about 1310 in Wales. He married Margaret verch RHUN. [Parents]

3670033. Margaret verch RHUN was born about 1315. [Parents]


3670036. Lleision ap RHYS was born 1288 in Baglan, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Efa verch IEUAN. [Parents]

3670037. Efa verch IEUAN was born 1299 in Bryscedwyn, Glamorganshire, Wales. [Parents]


3670038. Llewelyn ap RHYS was born 1302 in Abergwrach, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Margred verch HYWEL. [Parents]

3670039. Margred verch HYWEL was born 1303 in Glyntawe, Breconshire, Wales. [Parents]


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