Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Twenty-First Generation

1048576. Hugh DE PADVINAU was born WFT Est 1211-1292 in France. He died WFT Est 1248-1367 in KIlpeter, Strathgrief, Scotland. Hugh was married WFT Est 1236-1323. [Parents]

Original Baron of Kilpeter, Strathgrief, living during the reign of
King Malcom IV recieved a charter in 1160 AD.

From History of the Huston Families
and Their Descendants,1450-1912
With a Genealogical Record – Copyright 1912
By E.Rankin Huston

General Sam Houston gave the following description of the origin of the Coat of Arms to Miss Mary Houston,sister of the former Governor
George S.Houston of Alabama: “ At an early period in the history of the Houstons,,Sir John Houston,with a body of soldiers,reinforced a broken column,and for his great courage and unexampled energy was knighted on the field of battle.The greyhounds indicate the fleetness of his command in coming to the rescue;the last sand in the hourglass represents the perilous extremity of the army;and the motto
(in time)its victory.” The early history of the Huston family can be traced back to the thirteenth Century and to probably a soldier of fortune whose arms had largely aided the then King of Scotland,and who was rewarded with what now constitutes the Houston estate near Johnstone,Scotland.From Crawford ’s History of Rensfrewshire,‘This donation is in the reign of Malcomb the IV as also in the same reign the lands of Kilpeter in Strathgrief are given by Baldwin de Bigress to Hugh de Padvinaw from which Hugh these lands were called Hugh ’s town of whom is lineally descended,Sir John Houston, six generations later in the mid 1400s.’ In 1696 Patrick Houston was born..
He came to America and is buried in the old cemetery on South Broad Street,Savannah,Georgia.Sir Patrick Houston,Baronet,President of his Majesty ’s Council of Georgia,died February 5,1762,at the age of 64. The Houstons took a decided stand in favor of the Reformation;adopted early tenets of Calvin;sustained the Religious views of John Knox;and were persecuted for their rigid adherence to the Bible and the Bible alone as the rule of their faith and practice,and to Presbytery as the scriptural form of church government.
At this time in the early seventeenth Century,a considerable emigration of the Scotch Houstons was made to the North of Ireland,one Robert
Houston having been given three townships of land in Londonderry County.These Irish Houstons seem to have dropped the letter ‘o ’ on their name and spelled it Huston.In Scotland,the name is pronounced ‘Hooston ’.The early emigration of the Hustons to this country were of
Scotch-Irish descent.

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The name of Houston or Huston is said to have been of Anglo- Saxon origin and to have been derived from the words hus, meaning "house," and tun , meaning "farm or garden." It was probably taken by the first bearer of the surname from the name of the place in which he lived at the time of the adoption of surnames in England. It is found on the ancient records of Great Britain in the various forms of Roustouzi, Housson, Howston, Hewston, Houston, and Huston, of which the last two are the generally accepted forms of the name today.

Some authorities claim that the name was originally Hugh's- town and trace their descent from the Hugo de Padvinian who gave their name to his Barony in Renfrewshire, Scotland, before the year 1160 A.D. and at the time of the adoption of surname assumed the name of Houstoun from the family estates.

Hugo de Padvinian was succeeded in his fortunes in the year 1165 by his eldest son, Sir Reginald, who was succeeded by his son, Sir Hugh, who had Sir Findlay, who was the ancestor of Sir Patrick Houstoun of the early fifteenth century.

Sir Patrick married Agnes Campbell and was the father by her of Sir John, who had Sir Peter, who was succeeded in 1513 by Sir Patrick, who married Janet Cunningham and was succeeded in 1626 by his son Sir John, who had Sir Patrick, who died in 1605, leaving four sons, John, Patrick, Peter and James, and several daughters.

John, eldest of the sons of Sir Patrick, married Margaret Sterling and had issue by her of Sir Ludovis, who was the father of Patrick and George Houston of the seventeenth century, the first of whom was the father of Sir Patrick, who was created first Baronet in 1668. By his wife Margaret, daughter of the Marquis of Douglas, Sir Patrick had Sir John, Patrick, William James and Archibald, of whom the first was succeeded by his eldest son Sir John, who had Sir John (fourth Baronet), who died without issue.

Upon the death of the last Sir John, the estates and titles of the family went to Sir Patrick, second son of the first Baronet, who emigrated from Scotland to Georgia in 1735.

This Sir Patrick, fifth Baronet, was preceded in America, however, by several others of the family, among whom was John Houston, who came from Ireland, whither he had removed from Scotland, to Pennsylvania about 1725. This emigrant may have been either of the same branch of the family of that branch which settled in the county of Cornwall and was of the same stock. John married Martha Stewart and was the father by her of John, Jane, Daniel, James, William, Anne, Thomas and Samuel.

My subject, however, though doubtless of the same line, was a descendant of Gentleman John Houston, referred to on Page 2 of "The Raven," life sketch of General Sam Houston, by Marquis lames, he is John Houston, eldest son of Robert Huston, and grandson of Gentleman John, also Uncle of General Sam Houston.

According to the records of the War Department, John Hugh- son served in the Revolutionary War as an Ensign in a company designated at various times as Captain Thomas Walker's and Capt. William Henderson's Company, 9th Virginia Regiment (1776-1778), commanded by Thomas Fleming, Esq., and Colonel George Mathews. The date of his entry into service is not shown. His name first appears on a company muster roll for November 1776. He was transferred to Capt. Samuel Woodson's Company in May 1777 and was promoted to Lieutenant 10 May 1777. He was transferred to Capt. John Hay's Company, same regiment in September 1777, and the company pay roll for September 1777 shows that he resigned on the 8th instant.

Heitman's Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army, an unofficial publication entiti.e4 to credit, shows: Ruston, John (Va.) Ensign 9th Virginia, 10th September 1776, 2d Lieutenant, 1st April, 1777; resigned 8th September, 1777; name also spelled Hughston.

Lieut. John Huston, whom I shall later list as the head of Family No. 1, was born April 29, 1752 and died June 18, 1836, this information was taken personally by the writer from his tombstone in Shafer School House Cemetery located about three miles west of Stroudsburg, in Stroud Township, Monroe County, Penna.

Lieut. John Huston married Catherine Anderson, born November 4, 1748, died JuIy 1. 1822. She was a daughter of Eliakirn Anderson and a sister of Lieutenant-Governor George Anderson of Trenton, N. J.

Lieut. John Huston with his wife, Catherine and family moved from Trenton, N. I. to Hamilton Township, Northampton County, Pa., now, Monroe County, shortly after the close of the Revolutionary War, where he reared his family consisting of four sons and three daughters. They were among the first to be buried in the Shafer's School House Cemetery located about two miles West of Stroudsburg, in Stroud Township, Monroe County, Pa. Their graves are still well marked and the information concerning their births and deaths was copied by the author from their grave stones.

2/3/03- From the parish of Houston, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. There is an old tradition, that in the reign of Malcolm IV., A.D. 1153, Hugh Padvinan obtained a grant of the barony of Kilpeter, from Baldwin of Biggar, sheriff of Lanark, and hence called Hughstown, corrupted into Houstoun. These Houstons were of great consideration in Renfrewshire.

6. SIR HUGH OF PADINIAN6 HOUSTON (SIMON FITZ ALAN5, SIR ALAN FITZ4 FLAALD, SIR FLAALD FITZ3 GORDON, SIR GORDON FITZ2 ALAN, SIR ALAN1 FITZ-ALAN) was born 1140 in Scotland, and died 1190 in Palestine, Israel, Holy Land. He married DAUGHTER OF SCOTTISH-CHIEFTAIN 1169 in Scotland. She was born Abt. 1145 in Scotland, and died Bef. 1200 in Scotland.

7. i. REGINALD DE HUGH7 HOUSTON, b. 1170, Kilpeter, Scotland; d. 1238, Scotland.
ii. BORTHWICK HOUSTON, b. Abt. 1171, Scotland; d. Bef. 1250, Scotland.
iii. ARCHIBALD HOUSTON, b. Abt. 1172, Scotland; d. Bef. 1250, Scotland.

Houston Castle is located in the village of Houston ,Renfrewshire,Scotland to the southwest of Glasgow and Paisley. It is about 200 yards from Houston Kirk or the Village of Houston church. There are stone effigies of two of the ancient Houstons in the church. The castle was long ago detroyed and today Houston House stands in its place.
Hugo de Padinan,ancestor of the Houstons of Houston,was granted a charter of the barony of Kilpeter,by Baldwin de Bigre towards the end of the reigh of Malcolm IV(1153-65) or very early in the reigh of William the Lion(1165-1214).Sir Hugh was born in England of either Norman or Anglo-Norman parents. The lands of Kilpeter became the Parish of Houston. It was known as villa Hugonis or Huwestoun (Hugh's town).


1048962. Sir John , 1st Lord Hay of Yester HAY was born about 1426 in of Yester. He died before 2 Sep 1508. Sir married Eliazbeth , Lady Hay CUNNINGHAM on 17 Dec 1468 in Marriage Contract:. [Parents]

This page is just a start. Not all information has bee varified.

1048963. Eliazbeth , Lady Hay CUNNINGHAM was born about 1430 in Belton. She died before 7 Dec 1529.

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1049728. William DE CRICHTON.


1049984. Sir David GRAHAM of Kincardine died Jun 1329.


1049992. Sir Walter OLIPHANT of Gask married Elizabeth BRUCE before 1329.

1049993. Elizabeth BRUCE. [Parents]


1049994. Sir Robert ERSKINE of Erskine.


1050020. Sir David LINDSAY of Luffness died 1268 in on the crusade of St Louis. He married Margaret LINDSAY.

1050021. Margaret LINDSAY.

But Christiana said to be only daughter


1050022. Alexander STEWART 4th High Steward was born 1214. He died 1283. Alexander married Jean MACRORIE of Bute. [Parents]

Given grant of lands of Garlies for his deeds at Largs in battle against Norwegians under Haco, 1263

1050023. Jean MACRORIE of Bute. [Parents]


1050024. Sir John DE KEITH died before 1270. He married Margaret COMYN.

1050025. Margaret COMYN.


1050026. Adam SETON.


1050028. Sir John MENTEITH of Rusky died about 1323. [Parents]

ancestor of Menteith of Rusky and Kerse
Betrayer of William Wallace


1050030. Gartney STEWART 7th Earl of Mar died before 1305. He married Christian BRUCE Lady of Garioch. [Parents]

1050031. Christian BRUCE Lady of Garioch died about 1356. [Parents]


1050032. Sir Alexander LINDSAY of Crawford is printed as #525010.

1050033. STEWART is printed as #525011.


1050034. Sir Alexander ABERNETHY of Abernethy died bet 1315 and 1317.


1050040. James STEWART 5th High Steward of Scotland was born 1243. He died 16 Jul 1309. James married Egidia DE BURGH. [Parents]

1050041. Egidia DE BURGH. [Parents]


1050042. ROBERT I was born 11 Jul 1274. He died 7 Jun 1329 and was buried in Dunfermline. ROBERT married Isabel STEWART on 1296. [Parents]

1050043. Isabel STEWART. [Parents]


1050044. William DE ROSS 3rd Earl of Ross died 28 Jan 1323 in Delny. He married Eupheme.

1050045. Eupheme.


1050046. Sir David GRAHAM of Kincardine is printed as #524992.


1050048. Sir William (le Hardi) DOUGLAS of Douglas died 1298 in Tower of London. He married Elizabeth STEWART. [Parents]

1050049. Elizabeth STEWART was born about 1245 in Scotland. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: H129-CW


1050052. John STEWART Earl of Angus was christened in Created 1329. He died 9 Dec 1331. John married Margaret ABERNETHY on 1328.

1050053. Margaret ABERNETHY died after 1370. [Parents]



1050054. Sir William SINCLAIR of Roslin died about 1358 in Spain, on crusade. He married Isabella OF STRATHEARN. [Parents]

Alexander Nisbet (1722) states that this Sir William Sinclair [sic] was one of the subscribers of the famous Letter by the nobility of Scotland to the Pope, in the reign of Robert the Bruce [1306-1329]; and that in the reign of Alexander III [1249-1286] was Sheriff of Edinburgh, and afterwards one of the arbitrators betwist The Bruce and Baliol.
He adds that Sir William and his son Henry subsequently swore allegiance to Edward I of England and quotes Prynne's Collect.p301. Amongst the gentry of Berwickshire also said to have sworn allegiance was a Gregory Sinclair whom Nisbet alleges was the brother of Henry and the first of the family of Sinclair of Longformacus.

Another reference on this famous family is "The Saint-Clairs of the Isles" by Roland William Saint-Clair, Auckland, 1898.

1050055. Isabella OF STRATHEARN. [Parents]


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