Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Eighteenth Generation

131072. Findlay HOUSTOUN was born WFT Est 1321-1379 in "Houstoun", Scotland. He died WFT Est 1359-1457 in "Houstoun", Scotland. Findlay was married WFT Est 1345-1414. [Parents]

Lived during the reign of King Alexander of Scotland.


131104. Robert , 1st Laird of Smailholm HOP PRINGLE was born in built Smailholm Tower, co. Selkirk, Scotland. He died 24 Aug 1424 in Battle of Verneuil in Normandy, France with Arcibald Douglas, 4th Earl Douglas. Robert married UNKNOWN.

131105. UNKNOWN.


131106. Sir William , Lord of Ardcross DISHINGTON.


131120. Sir Andrew , Laird of Cessford KER was born about 1459 in of Cessford, Roxburghe, Scotland. He died 18 Jul 1526 in near Melrose, while escorting JAMES V to Edinburgh. Sir was married about 1483. [Parents]

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131200. John STIRLING of Rathoran married Mary. [Parents]

131201. Mary.


131216. Sir John DE CRICHTON died about 1358. [Parents]


131232. Alexander FORRESTER died in dvp. He married BRUCE. [Parents]

131233. BRUCE. [Parents]


131248. Sir William GRAHAM of Kincardine died 1424. He married Mariota OLIPHANT before 1404. [Parents]

131249. Mariota OLIPHANT. [Parents]


131252. Sir Thomas ERSKINE of that Ilk died about 1404. He married Janet KEITH before 1370. [Parents]

131253. Janet KEITH died 1413. [Parents]


131254. David LINDSAY Earl of Crawford died Feb 1407. He married Katherine STEWART. [Parents]

131255. Katherine STEWART. [Parents]

or Jean or Elizabeth


131256. George DOUGLAS Earl of Angus was born 1370 and was christened 9 Apr 1389 in on resignation of his mother. He died 1403 in England, of the plague. George married Princess Mary STEWART on contr. 24 May 1397. [Parents]

131257. Princess Mary STEWART died after 1458 and was buried in Strathblane. [Parents]


131258. Sir William HAY of Locherworth and Yester died 1421. He married Joanna GIFFORD. [Parents]

131259. Joanna GIFFORD. [Parents]

Elder dau, co-heir



131592. Robert John STEWART was born about 1337 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 4 Apr 1406 in Rothsay Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland and was buried 1406 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Robert was married 1367 in Scotland. [Parents]

Name Suffix: III King of Scotland
Ancestral File Number: 8J5D-QB
BIOGRAPHY: Robert John had the misfortune to be born ten years before his fatherand mother married. Robert John succeeded his father, Robert II, as Robert IIIbecause John was the name of an English King and of a Scottish claimant to thethrone.
Robert III came to the throne at the age of 53 and faced the menace of the Highlanders who were not beyond ravaging the lowland areas of Scotland. He handed the effective regency over to his brother in the capacity of guardian against these clans. He entitled his brother 'Duke of Albany'. At the same timehe named his son David 'Duke of Rothesay.' Following an invasion of Scotland by Henry IV of England, the Duke of Rothesay was killed in suspicious circumstances after a quarrel with the Duke of Albany.
Robert III's son, Robert Duke of Albany, served as regent during the reigns of his father, brother and nephew.
This left Robert's one remaining son, James, as the heir to the throne. It is said that the shock of the news that James had been captured by the English whilst on route to France contributed to the death of Robert in 1406.
When James Icame to the throne he curbed the power of his cousins of Albany by beheading Robert's son and grandsons. The Royal line continued with male heirs until Mary,Queen of Scots. The Stewarts held the Scottish (and later the English) throne from Robert II until 1714.
Robert married just once, for 34 years to Annabella, daughter of Sir John Drummond. The couple had six children; David, Robert, James, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth and Egidia.


131594. John "Fairborn" BEAUFORT was born about 1371 in Chcateau de Beaufort, Maine-et-Loire, France. He died 16 Mar 1409/1410 in St. Catherine by the Tower Hospital, London, Middlesex, England and was buried in St. Michael's Chapel, California, USAnterbury Cathedral, Kent, England. John married Margaret de HOLAND after 28 Sep 1397 in Upholland, Lancashire, England. [Parents]

Name Suffix: Earl of Somerset
Ancestral File Number: 8N4D-FX

131595. Margaret de HOLAND was born 1385/1386 in Upholland, Lancashire, England. She died 30 Dec 1439 in St. Saviour's Monastery, Bermondsey, Surrey, England and was buried in Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 8N4F-ZT


131596. Jan II Heer van EGMOND was born about 1385 in of Slot o/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He died 4 Jan 1451 in , Egmond-Binnen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands and was buried in Kapel Slot o/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Jan married Maria van ARKEL on 24 Jun 1409 in , Arkansaskel, Gelderland, Netherlands.

Ancestral File Number: 8D4Z-1N

131597. Maria van ARKEL was born about 1389 in Arkel, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. She died 19 Jul 1415 and was buried in Kerk, Ijsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Ancestral File Number: 7RTX-4X


131598. Adolf I Duke of KLEVE was born about 1379 in Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia. He married Marie de BOURGOGNE on 22 Jul 1406.

Ancestral File Number: FH87-C5

131599. Marie de BOURGOGNE was born about 1393 in Dijon, , France. She died 2 Feb 1441 in Paris, , France and was buried in Eglise des Carmes, Paris, , France.

Ancestral File Number: B1JX-D0


229376. Thomas ap DAFYDD died 1469 in Treowen, Monmouthshire, Wales. He married Margred KEMEYS on 1460 in Began, Monmouth, Wales. [Parents]

229377. Margred KEMEYS. [Parents]


229378. David Gwillim MORGAN.


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