Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Seventeenth Generation

65536. Patrick HOUSTOUN was born WFT Est 1359-1407 in "Houstoun", Scotland. He died 1450 in "Houstoun", Scotland. Patrick married Agnes CAMPBELL on WFT Est 1399-1439. [Parents]

Lived during the reign of King James II.

65537. Agnes CAMPBELL was born WFT Est 1365-1410 in Scotland. She died 1456 in "Houstoun", Scotland.


65552. David , of Pilmuir-4th Laird of Smailhol PRINGLE was born in of Pilmuir, co. Selkirk, Scotland. He died 9 May 1480 in of Smailholm, co. Selkirk, Scotland. David married Elspeth , Mistress of Smailholm DISHINGTON. [Parents]

65553. Elspeth , Mistress of Smailholm DISHINGTON was born in of Ardcross. She died in of Smailholm, co. Selkirk, Scotland. [Parents]


65554. 1st Laird of Philiphaugh Patrick MURRAY.


65560. Sir Walter , Knt., Laird of Cessford KER was born about 1508. He died 18 Jul 1526 in Battle of Melrose, attempt to release King JAMES V from Douglases. Sir married UNKNOWN. [Parents]

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65561. UNKNOWN.

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65600. William STIRLING of Rathoran was born 1339. He died 1393. [Parents]


65608. Sir William DE CRICHTON of Burnston married Margaret. [Parents]

65609. Margaret.


65616. Robert FORRESTER of Torwood married Margaret FORRESTER. [Parents]

65617. Margaret FORRESTER.


65624. Alexander GRAHAM died before 1420 in dvp. [Parents]


65626. Robert ERSKINE Lord Erskine was christened 1438. He died 1452. Robert married Elizabeth LINDSAY. [Parents]

65627. Elizabeth LINDSAY. [Parents]


65628. William DOUGLAS 2nd Earl of Angus died Oct 1437. He married Margaret HAY on 1425. [Parents]

65629. Margaret HAY died after 22 Apr 1484. [Parents]


65630. Sir John SIBBALD of Balgony.

Possibly Andrew


65796. James STEWART was born Dec 1394 in Dumferline, Fifeshire, Scotland. He died 21 Feb 1437 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland and was buried 1437 in Charter House, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. James married Joan BEAUFORT on 2 Feb 1424 in St. Mary, Overy, Southwark, Surrey, England. [Parents]

Name Suffix: I King of Scotland
Ancestral File Number: 8J5D-SN
Forthe first 18 years of his tenure as King of Scotland James was a prisoner of the English. In his absence Robert Duke of Albany was appointed Governor of Scotland with his son replacing him for the final four years of James' imprisonment.

The English were in no mood to let the young King free as the Scots were allied to the French in a series of battles against Henry V in France. They wereamongst the army defeated by the excellent archery and strong English yew at the Battle of Agincourt.

He was released in 1424 with the threat of Scotland under James not being seen as too great by his captors.
It may well be that all that time in an English prison had had a terrible effect on him for when he returned north he had the Duke of Albany and three male members of his family executed for treason. Their lack of success in gaining his freedom being seen as avaricious apathy on their part. It was not only close to home where his decisions were found to be cruel. The Highlanders suffered greatly at the hands of James. He was, unsurprisingly perhaps, murdered through an act of revenge in 1437at the age of 42.

He had been married upon his release from London. His bride, Joan Beaufort gifted him with nine children: Margaret, Alexander, James, Isabella, Joan, Eleanora, Mary and Annabella.

65797. Joan BEAUFORT was born about 1406 in Westminster, Middlesex, England. She died 15 Jul 1445 in Dunbar Castle, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland and was buried 22 Nov 1445 in Charterhouse, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: HRDD-NF


65798. Arnold Duke of GUELDERS was born (14-1423) 1409 in of Slot o D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He died 23 Feb 1473 in Slot Grave, Grave, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Arnold married Katharina Princess of KLEVE on 1430 in Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 8D4Z-0H

65799. Katharina Princess of KLEVE was born 25 May 1417 in Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia. She died 10 Feb 1479. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 896N-Q2


114688. Esquire John Ap Thomas JONES was born about 1460 in Treowen, Monmouth, England. He died living 1516. John married Ann MORGAN about 1482. [Parents]

From John Pidding Jones, His Ancestors and Descendants;
"The genealogies of Glamorgan, Wales from Genealogical Library, Cardiff, Wales.
also from the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth, Wales
"Burkes Lande Gentry"  Trowbridge, Wilts, England
This John was the first to take the name of Jones or Johns, meaning son of John, at time of King Henry the VIII.  Thus from here forward the acquired surname of Jones was used."

I have encountered a problem in transcribing the mother of  William Jones, Esquire, Sheriff from the book John Pidding Jones, His Ancestors and Descendants:
On page 515, William's mother is listed as Ann Jenkins, dau of David Jenkins
But on page 516,  William's mother is listed as Ann Morgan, dau of David Gwillim Morgan of Arkston?

114689. Ann MORGAN died living 1516. [Parents]

Anne VERCH DAVID 1481, Wales


114690. Sir Walter HAWLEY.


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