Ancestors of Joseph Gale and Rula Dalley Houston

Eleventh Generation

1024. John HOUSTON was born 1569 in Renfrew, Scotland. He died 1609 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. John married Margaret STERLING on 1579. [Parents]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

1025. Margaret STERLING was born about 1568 in Houstoun, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She died 1626 in , Killearn, Stirlingshire, Scotland. [Parents]


1026. Patrick MAXWELL [Laird of Newark was born about 1578 in Newark, Renfrewshire, Scotland.


1028. Sir Knight John HAMILTON was born about 1561 in Lettrick, , Scotland. He died after 1637. John married Jean CAMPBELL on 1596. [Parents]

1029. Jean CAMPBELL was born about 1580 in Carco, Kinclaven, , Scotland. [Parents]


1030. William DOUGLAS [MARQUESS OF DOU was born about 1578 in Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland. He died 19 Feb 1659/1660 and was buried in High Alter, Church, DOUGLAS, Scotland. William married Margaret HAMILTON on 11 Jul 1601 in Contract. [Parents]

1031. Margaret HAMILTON was born 1585 in Of, Paisley, Renfrewshire, England. She died 11 Sep 1623 and was buried in , DOUGLAS, , Scotland. [Parents]


1696. Francis PANNELL was born about 1600 in Blyton, Lincolnshire, England. He married Isabel STODDER on 14 Jun 1621 in Blyton, Lincolnshire, Eng.

1697. Isabel STODDER was born about 1600 in Blyton, England.


1700. Phillip HAWKSWORTH was christened 20 Aug 1609 in Misterton, Nottingham, England. He married Elizabeth ELWICK on 26 Jan 1935 in Misterton, Nottingham, England. [Parents]

1701. Elizabeth ELWICK was christened 4 Oct 1607 in Misterton, Nottingham, England. [Parents]


1792. Edward JONES was born about 1595 in Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England and was christened about 1595 in Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England. He married Mary or Margaret HICKOCKS on 22 Jan 1615/1616 in St Peters, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. [Parents]

The following from John Pidding Jones, His Ancestors and Descendants:

"Bishop's Transcripts St Mary's at Salisbury, Chrs #1 to 4 Phillimore Marriages Chr of the wife, Par Registers of Calne, Wilts, England.  We feel that Mary the wife was named Margaret, and that she changed it to Mary, or went by Mary instead of her original name."

1793. Mary or Margaret HICKOCKS was christened 4 Jun 1593 in Calne, Wiltshire, England. [Parents]


1856. William PIDDEN was born in . He married Mrs. William PIDDING.

1857. Mrs. William PIDDING was born about 1582 in of St. Peters, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.


1858. Thomas PLORATE was born in of St Mary's, Wiltshirehre.

Other records show Robert as being Mary's father


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