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Welcome!  This is the Genealogy Portal for the family branches that I am tracking.  Specifically, links here will go to the Perry/Seegmiller branch of my family (my father's ancestors) and to the Whipple/Mathis side of my family (mother's ancestors).  My husbands ancestors are listed under the Heap/Perkins genealogy link (my husband's paternal ancestors) and the Houston/Dalley link (maternal ancestors).

All information is a snapshot in time, and ongoing.  As I get new, significant information, or changes in current information, I will update the sites.  Anyone with relevant information is invited to share that information with me, and I will include the updates in the appropriate files.  I hope to add timely information about upcoming events and 'news' about family members.  Please give me a call (435.586.3077) or send email ( if you have something that you'd like to post on this site......    Arlene

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  • Perry Seegmiller Genealogy

  • Mathis Whipple Genealogy

  • Houston Dalley Genealogy

  • Heap Perkins Genealogy

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    Arlene Heap

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